We build custom systems and applications to help our clients launch new online ventures, improve business daily operations, promote efficiency and productivity, and save time and cost. Our systems and applications development services come with all the help and support the business would need to ensure the success of the project and to deliver a return to the business. With our custom systems and applications, we help businesses focus more on their business growth and achieve maximum productivity.

HR and Payroll System

We have developed an HR and Payroll System that guarantees support, consistency, accuracy, and efficiency. This system helps businesses easily manage their staff schedules and shifting with the integrated scheduling system designed for businesses of any size or industry. It also aims to lessen HR’s manual administrative tasks and let them focus on workforce empowerment. Payroll generation is also made easy with a more simple, easy-to-use, and accurate payroll software.

Electronic Medical Record System

Our Electronic Medical Record System helps doctors and medical staffs manage data more efficiently. It allows them to provide consistent care by scheduling and managing their appointments. With unlimited system access, doctors and staffs can store and keep track of important information like a patient’s previous consultations, prescribed medications, and general medical history even outside of work premises.

Clinic Management System

The Clinic Management System was developed to aid healthcare facilities such as diagnostic centers, dental clinics, and hospitals in their daily operations. Its major function is managing patients’ medical records and appointments and notifying them if the test results are ready. It is also equipped with other features that answer a medical facility’s needs.

Point of Sale

Our Point of Sale system allows merchants and retailers simplify everyday processes of tracking inventory, sales, and expenses. Business owners and managers can manage multiple stores from one place. The system is suitable for small, medium and large businesses. It has a restaurant version, which helps food establishments keep track of orders and inventory as well.

Customer Relationship Management System

Trendmedia Inc.’s CRM helps businesses to focus more on attracting and retaining customers by providing an efficient strategy in managing and storing information about their customers, as well as their leads. It has a powerful support system that helps a business track and resolves issues quickly via the integrated ticketing system and tasks-management tools. Assigning reminders, adding notes and history and getting notified via email and in-app notification system are some of the features that can take customer satisfaction to the next level.

Appointment/Booking System

This is a complete and easy to manage appointment booking system for spas and wellness centers. It has the capability of managing services and packages being offered, organizing therapist’s appointments; and generating weekly commission and overtime pay. The unique feature of this system is its ability to handle the complexity of determining the therapists’ availability for the next appointment. The system was designed and developed ensuring that all aspects are covered when it comes to scheduling appointments.

SMS Blasting System

Communicate with your clients thru SMS in a fast and efficient way. Create SMS template, tags and categories to easily manage your contacts and send SMS notification with ease. This web application was developed to give businesses the capability to communicate with a large-scale audience with just one click. It is a bulk SMS tool that minimizes effort and effectively sends your announcements, reminders, and other messages.

Take your business to new heights with our proven strategies!
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Take your business to new heights with our proven strategies!
Talk to us for a FREE consultation.